Digital Pump Controller For Pipe Water Sensor, Mumbai, India

Digital Pump Controller For Pipe Water Sensor (Pws)


Padmansha’s digital pump controller is designed with advanced technology of microprocessor-based system. It is the safest and complete failure proof solution for long life and trouble free operations of the pumps. Our design criterion has been built-in absolute reliability for entire life of the equipment at affordable prices.




Automating and protecting in-line pumps is a difficult task. The Pipe water Sensor senses the presence of water in the pipeline and starts the pump automatically. It also senses when there is no water in the pipe line, and switches pump OFF saving it from burning due to dry run.

With the help of this revolutionary product, the entire process can be automated.

No need of manual operations


  • Pipe water sensor
  • Controller
  • Level sensor




  • Senses presence / absence of water in pipe and passes signal to the controller for start or stop of pump set.
  • Sensor not in direct contact with water, hence maintenance free.
  • Easy for installation.
  • Non-corrosive engg. Plastic
  • No need to wait for water supply timings for starting pump.


  • Works on auto / Manual mode
  • LED indicators for
    • Power ON
    • Motor ON
    • PWS ON
    • Tank full sensor
  • Compact in size.
  • Dry running protection for pump.

Level Sensor

  • Auto on /off of pump through sensing the water level in overhead tank.
  • No salt deposition on sensor, hence maintenance free.
  • Automatic tank level control
  • Non-corrosive part
  • No Nuisance tripping


  • Input voltage             :           230 V
  • Maximum Current       :           15 A
  • Frequency                  :           50 Hz

Suitable for standard 0.5 to 2.0 HP pump motors



Digital Pump Controller For Pipe Water Sensor (Pws)

Terminal Connection Description

  • P              -           Phase
  • N              -           Neutral
  • C              -           Common (Upper Tank Sensor)
  • H              -           High (Upper Tank Sensor)
  • L               -           Low (Upper Tank Sensor)
  • RED          -           Red wire coming from pipe water sensor
  • BLK          -           Black wire coming from pipe water sensor
  • GRN         -           Green wire coming from pipe water sensor.


  • Whenever there is water in the pipeline, PWS senses it and turns the pump set on.
  • When the upper tank is full, pump will be off automatically.
  • It will also turn off the pump, if there is no water / less water, avoiding dry run.
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