Reverse Osmosis System Controller, Mumbai, India

Reverse Osmosis System Controller


This is small RO system controller with latest and most reliable technology available in the market.  Pumps are switched On & Off according to the time delays, pressure switch condition and tank levels as programmed. The biggest advantage is we don’t need anything other than this controller. So the contactor And over load and dry run and all other functions are in built in this small unit. There is no bulky wiring. Reducing after sales service these advantages make the system highly desirable.

 If one of the pumps fails, then all other pumps are switched off. The system is capable of giving audiovisual indication of pump faults like over load, dry run, low pressure and high pressure or sump tank empty or storage tank full.

Reverse Osmosis System Controller


  1. Operates on pressure switch and tank levels
  2. No separate starter required
  3. Minimum number of parts and hence less chances of failure
  4. All the parts are plug-in type and hence very easy to maintain
  5. Inbuilt checking action for two main pumps
  6. Audio visual indication of fault
  7. Digital display of motor current, set parameters and faults
  8. All the system parameters are code-locked
  9. Following protections for two main pumps are inbuilt to the system,
    1. Over Current
    2. Under Current
    3. Dry run
    4. Single phasing preventer in case of three phase motors
Comparison chart


Conventional system

Padmansha’s RO system controller


Very Bulky unit

Very Small unit


not Easy to Maintain

Easy to Maintain, All parts plug & play


Contactors are not in built

Contactors are in built


External Wiring of contactors

No external Wiring of contactors


High  repairing time

Low failure rate and repairing time


If any pump fails due to over load the system keeps on running

If any pump fails due to over load the total system is switched off.


No indication of pump failure

Audio visual indication of pump failure

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